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Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma/MSc in Play Therapy

The Certificate programme is a two year part-time course which qualifies professionals already working with children in health, education and social work settings to practise as Play Therapists. The course aims to provide training in the theory and practice of Play Therapy within an educational framework which encourages the highest possible standard of academic achievement and professional practice. Throughout the training an opportunity is provided to study personality development and all the factors which may facilitate or impede emotional growth. Essential elements include observational studies and supervised clinical practice as well as theory, skills and techniques and personal therapy.

Address:   Notre Dame Centre    
    20, Athole Gardens    
    G12 9BA    
Telephone:   0141 339 2366    
Fax:   0141 357 1443    
Course Director:   Janet Barr    
Course Administrator:        
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